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As the smallest of the three cities that make up the Tampa Bay area, Clearwater, Florida is often overshadowed by its larger neighbors, Tampa and St. Petersburg. Clearwater has the same balmy, attractive climate and sunny Gulf of Mexico beaches as its neighbors, however, and makes the best of them. The city is also home to two hospitals, nine post-secondary education institutes, and a small regional airport, so it manages to support itself quite well, attracting enough tourists, health care professionals, students, and executive jets to keep the money flowing into the city coffers.

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Clearwater's population makes up only about 110,000 of the area's 1.1 million residents, but what its workforce lacks in size it makes up for in effort. The median household income is around $41,000, which, considering the lower-than-average cost of living puts Clearwater residents in a good position financially. Unemployment in the city is 9.2%, which is less than the Florida state average. About 40% of the workforce stays in the city to work rather than commuting the ten or so miles to St. Petersburg or Tampa, where they might perhaps find a higher-paying job. This keeps a significant amount of money in the city where it's needed most. Additionally, the population during the day is increased by about 13% as workers commute from surrounding towns to jobs in Clearwater.

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Most of the business activity in Clearwater is devoted to increasing tourism revenues. Visitors who come to the city for its beaches are treated to restaurants and shops catering to their needs as well as tours of Tampa Bay and the surrounding wilderness, all run by local entrepreneurs. The construction industry is a big hitter as well, and is largely bent on increasing the city's stock of hotel rooms, condos, retail stores, and restaurants. What little industry there is in the city is concentrated around the Clearwater Executive Airport and mostly concerns the manufacturing of aircraft components and instruments.

Clearwater's men are most likely to be skilled construction tradesmen, hotel clerks, restaurant waiters, hospitality managers, computer support workers, factory machine operators, waste managers, doctors and other health care workers, insurance brokers, and public administrators. Meanwhile the women's priorities are swapped around a little bit. They're most likely to be doctors, nurses, other health care workers, teachers, bankers, insurance agents, hotel staff, scientific or computer specialists, secretaries, or non-profit group organizers.

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